PLEASE guys really really need help

i have a d945gccr intel mother board it seems that it does not support the intel e8400 core 2 duo processor

but my friend wants to give me his ,, can i run it on my pc ----> even if it is not full function????

please i really want help please nobody say noo please dont tell me i cant :S:S ::::::??
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  1. Hi.

    U are right the mobo don't support that CPU and u can install it but the most sure is that doesn't works.

    My advice? Get that CPU re-sell it and get a CPU that works with ur mobo the Core 2 Duo E4700 is the max CPU supported by ur mobo.
  2. cant i just but a new mobo ??? its a better solution i guess !??
  3. get a new mobo i mean
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    That's another option (better too) but be sure that the mobo support the CPU and current RAM that u have for avoid over cost like new RAM.
  5. yeah man thx 4 da help h guess your right 100$ mobo is better than selling a 177$ cpu and buy a cheaper cpu which will not give that performance i want !! :D
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