Building new rig...advice please..

hi there

I need some input on building a new gaming rig to last for the next couple of years tops and as I am on a tight budget, here's what I was thinking.

my current system:
amd athlon 64 4000+ OC'd to 2.4 ghz
A8V-XE motherboard w/ k8t890 chipset
2G ddr ram
radeon x1950 256mb
maxtor 250gb
basiq 500w

ok so i was thinking, to save money, i would keep a couple of items like the radeon x1950, the case which is well ventilated and works fine, the hard drive and the dvd drive (which i didnt mention as i dont see that as an important upgrade if you have an ok drive as it is.)

here's what i would add:

what are your thoughts? would this be a big enough leap to be worth it? the entire upgrade would cost under $250. Is it worth keeping the graphics card that i already have?
My current system runs most games pretty well (apart from QW enemy territory for some reason). I play CODMW2 a lot, but I want to be able to play more current titles on decent setting and be somewhat prepared for the next wave of games whatever they may be....

thanks in advance
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    that upgrade is a large waste, its using old tech like ddr3, and am2, so its is like keeping your thing on life support. with an upgrade like this:

    basically, if you only upgrade the cpu/mobo/ram, your system will be severely bottlenecked by the video card, if you upgrade the video card, then the opposite...sooo, i would only upgrade that, now is a great time to buy a new build, but the rest of your parts should hold up.
  2. ok so basically go for the 4 components (ram,gpu,cpu, mobo) that you linked to? you think my psu wiull hold up?
  3. well 500 watts is about enough, but i have never heard of that company, probs meaning it isnt the best. it should, but i cant garuntee.
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