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hey guys... I have a msi heat sink cooled 8600gt in my pc. Before now i have been doing all my audio processing with external interfaces.. usb, firewire, etc... I just recently installed a M-Audio delta 192 pci card to feed my mackies.

I have some "digital noise" or "computer noise" being fed to or picked up by my audio card and its translating to an annoying interference on my monitors. After spending all day diagnosing im pretty sure it relates to the load on my graphics card with is in a pci xpress slot. The card only has 256 ddr2 memory; at at low load periods such as a blank desktop the hum is to a minimum. When opening windows or google chrome the pitch/humming increases/changes. The most noticable is when i load even more graphics intensive apps such as 3d games etc....

Another reason besides the direct relationship with video card load i believe it is my graphics card is this: if i unplug the dvi from my card the interference is no longer audible... Which leaves em to believe either the signal being transmitted through that dvi wire is causing the interference or the graphics card itself...

Does anyone have any input /experiences with this situation? I would love to not have to buy another graphics card without being absolutely sure that is the only solution. I am using windows 7 64bit, a antec earthwatts psu which came with the antec case, a intel e8400 and 2gigs ddr2 800 ram, msi 8600gt heat sink cooled 256mb gpu.
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  1. Try connecting the DVI cable to each of the DVI OUT ports available on the card.. If the problem persists, try with a different DVI cable.. If still no relief then the problem may be due to the electrical noise spread through the slot currents.. Did the problem started immediately after installing the audio card..??
  2. Sadly i have done both swap ports and swap cables :( And yes the problem started immediately after installing the card. Before i had been using a firewire interface and hadnt noticed this problem...

    Other factors have changed aswell... The first major concern i had was I moved from a house to an apartment complex built in the 70s with what appears to me as an inferior ac supply... And although not primarily relevant, i also do have a slight ground loop hum, but i need to have my ear to the driver for it to be audible. This hum i am not concerned about atm. I am interested in the electrical issues i am having within my pc, which appear to be related to my graphics card load..
  3. I don't have a solution for you, but I'm having the exact same problem! I have a Radeon 6950 gfx card with the audio going from an Audigy2 Platinum Pro sound card into a pair of KRK studio monitors.
    The noise is barely noticeable when the computer is idle, but fire up a game and it becomes a 60Hz hurricane.
    More curiously, the problem only happens when using the speakers while my headphones tune it out. I suppose this could be due to their high impedance, though (62 Ohms). Using the included breakout box doesn't help. The hum is still very loud.

    If anyone has a solution or an idea, please help!
  4. The first thing I would try (besides what you've already done) is to try a different PCI-E slot (if that's an option). I'd also suggest, if feasible for you, you get an AC noise filter (these are often built into audio/HT surge supressors) to see if that can clean anything up.
  5. Swapping PCI-E slots *shouldn't* matter, as PCI-E is a serial interface; they don't share bandwidth.

    It sounds almost like interferance over the DVI wire...shouldn't pose any problems, but its certainly possible...especially if it goes away by unplugging the DVI connection...
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