Looking to upgrade my video graphics card to one with HDMI Dell E510

Im looking to upgrade my Dell E510 video card. It has the basic one with just VGA on it. I want one with HDMI Im looking to hook my home dvd recorder up to this E510 with the new upgraded video card you suggest to me. I have a Samsung HDTV monitor 24 LCD its new. It has a HD TV tuner in it has 2 hdmi,componet,DVI-D My PC is Dell E510 from 2005 im running win XP it has 3.0ghz with 3gb of ram and 160gb HD. Im looking to hook up home DVD recorder it has 160HD built in I want to record some games off of espn360.com online. So maybe someone can help me and get me going on this with in the next week. If you can when you suggest a video card for my PC if you could include a link so I can see the card. I perfer that way in case I want to oder it from the site......

Thanks again
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  1. saw where on another post some people suggest this Radeon 4650 for another guy for playing HD films
  2. how is this card well its actually a whole PC will it do what I want

  3. wow 55 views and no ideas not to much info here?
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