What graphics card can i use with my motherboard

hi all , just need a little help here ,i am looking for a new graphics card, an 1 that works with my mother board. Budget 200 - 275 dollars plz give me more than 1 card an the better performance 1 ok my system is asus monitor 21 inch i have 2 gig of ram 650 watt power supply amd anthlon 64 fx- 62 dual core processor 2.81 ghz i had in the 8800gtx oc version an it went i just need a new card that works well plz help
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  1. For your budget, the ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB will be the most obvious choice.. However, if you wish to stick with Nvidia, the GTX 460 1GB is the product to purchase.. From a single card usage perspective, the HD 5850 is better compared to the GTX 460..
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    I would put more weight on the Nvidia GTX 460 1GB, as it is currently the best card for the value... IMO. With ATI, they have the pending ATI 6xxx cards being released in the next month or two so I would hold off on them at this point.
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