New System Build.......AGAIN!!!

So....I posted about a week ago asking for some help with a new computer build and I got some great help from MadAdmiral (thanks a ton again man!! hope you reply again!!). However I have been reading some forums and I'm doubting myself now. So I'm again posting PLEASE help if you can!!! THANKS BEFOREHAND!!!


BUDGET RANGE: $2000 (this needs to include shipping, OS, and Monitor)



PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: or (Whichever is Cheaper)

PARTS PREFERENCES: What ever is going to be best as far as CPU goes. Would like to go ATI for GPU



MONITOR RESOLUTION: Depends on what you recomend

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like to use the HAF 932 Case. I really like Full towers. I also don't want to get the 5970 due to the fact that no one has them in stock and most places wont until the end of the month or later. I would like to work around it if i can. Also if its possible i might want to run eyefinity later or even now if it could be worked in. I want to play Crysis and other fps games and wow on max settings if possible.

Thanks again!!!
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  1. Maybe get a pair of 5850 and use them in crossfire? For later upgrade, or a single 5870... GREAT performance in both configs...
    For the budget why not get an AMD Phenom II x4 955??? Has a good overclocking headroom and is good for the price.
    I HIGHLY recommend (i own one) this MSI motherboard:

    The HAF 932 is the best case you can get and is not as expensive as some others which i consider to be worse you won't regret getting that case
    Get a hec Compucase PSU like a Cougar Zephyr or a raptor if you can afford it, those are god PSUs
    So... how do you like this???
  2. I was thinking of the 5870 as well. It looks like a really solid card for the price. Is there anyway that you might be able to put a whole build together? This will make my 3rd build and both of the previous have been Intel. Not sure about the whole amd thing but you very well could change my mind!!! I'm open to any information and criticism. Let me know!!!
  3. How about this config ? For that budget, you can get an i7 with a HD 5870...

    CPU + Mobo
    i7 920 + Gigabyte X58A - Supports USB 3.0 + SATA 6GB/s

    RAM + Graphics
    HD 5870 + OCZ XMP 1600MHz 6GB

    HDD/ SSD
    OS and Apps - Intel 40GB

    Other data -
    Samsung F3 1TB + Free HDD Dock - Actually you get $10 discount here + Free HDD dock

    CASE - Your fav - CM HAF

    PSU - Corsair 750TX - For HD 5870 Crossfire later on - You wont need a modular PSU as the HAF has enough space to hide the unused cables...

    A very good LCD - ASUS 23" 1080p

    As you want to overclock, definitely an aftermarket CPU cooler
    CM Hyper 212+

    WIN 7

    DVD Burner
    OR a Blueray ?

    Total - ~$1876 | ~$1800 Including rebates - Not including shipping
  4. Will one 5870 be ok you think? Lol i need to catch up with all the new tech. I havent built a computer since before the 4870 came out. Again like i said im cool with any advice and criticism!!!! thanks for replying and keep them coming!!
  5. ^ Yes...for nearly all the games the 5870 would suffice...Only in the games like Crysis, you might have to turn down the settings a little bit...
    You can go with HD 5850 Crossfire, but that would hurt the budget...Though you can cut down on the CPU and mobo and RAM but IMO for this budget, the X58 is more suited...
  6. Thanks a lot Gkay!!!! I really do appreciate the help!!! With this build would it be possible to overclock the GPU and if so what could i get it to and what type of frames/performance am i looking at?
  7. Yes you will be able to overclock the GPU too...But be careful not to overdo it...

    As for the framerates,...You should get similar results once you overclock the i7 920 to ~3.7GHz...
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