HD5670 and a 350W PSU

Greetings Folks of TH Community
I have a inquiry I think most people here can help me with.

I'm looking to upgrade my video card,(Currently: BFG Tech 7600GS OC 256mb) which I got around 2 years ago, my first video card coming from a 32mb SiS Mirage. ^.^
Served me well so far, really well still is. Example: BF: Bad Company 2 Beta (1024x768 Playable FPS on Medium/Low Settings. I was shocked I thought it wont even start. Runs better then NFS: SHIFT demo which doesn't run at all)

Currently shopping around at local retailers looking for a decent card to upgrade.
After reading many reviews I choose the HD5670 by Saphirre over the Galaxy GT240. Power Consumption in my case and performance (Running Games in DX9 and at most 1280x1024).

Question though, it recommends 400W of Power but doesn't say minimum. But when reading reviews it takes less or almost same then some GT240s (Galaxy Minimum 300W PSU on Box)

You think a Macron MPT-350 can handle it? The PSU has 20A on 12V+ Rail. I have mostly low power components (WD Caviler Green HDD, According to box of my GIGABYTE Mobo a energy efficient one and a 65W Athlon II stock clocks)

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  1. it will work but you are on the verge of instability

    try a 400 watt Corsair or Antec
  2. I sent a Support Ticket to the Manufacturer to ask about it also.
    On a new PSU, I just bought this awhile ago, really don't want to go out and buy another right now. If anything I would go for OCZ, around here you can get 500W+ (80+ Certified Also) for a fairly good price.
  3. OCZ is great too

    especially their modstream ones, those look good and perfom even better
  4. Right now I want to see if I can run it on my current Macron without too much trouble though.

    Look into a new PSU down the road, I can upgrade PSU now and card later also but my board is Crossfire ready so I can always pop in another HD5670 or even a higher HD5000 series when I get the PSU and money for those kind of upgrades).
  5. If you have the budget then go get a VX450W. It would give a lot of head room to add something later on!
  6. Any more opinions on HD5670 on Macron MPT-350?
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