AM3 CPU in AM2+ socket and bios

I'm thinking of bying the following combo for motherboard and CPU:


What I need to know is that does this CPU run on that mobo without having to update BIOS? I tried looking from the Asrock site but the list of supported CPU's does not make it very clear as to which CPU's require a BIOS update for the mobo and which ones don't.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sometimes it's impossible to tell which bios file is installed on the board you order. You'll just have to try it. IF it's from a high volume place like, you may be fine, as they tend to have a higher turnover. If your board model number is M3n78D then the bios file required is p1.40, which was issued back in April.
  2. But will the computer boot without that bios version? Or do I need to install it before I install the new CPU (which is impossible if it won't even boot up)? Or are the bios files since p1.40 even neseccary to run the CPU or are they just minor updates to enhance system stability?
  3. I've seen mixed reports about boot up with the older chipsets. Some boards will post without the update, and some may not. And it can't hurt to contact asrock by email. They should get you an answer. They answered my emails last year about a different matter.
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