How Much Radiator do i need

Hi this is my first WC build but i don't know how much radiator i need
i had this in mind but don't know if its enough.
I will be water cooling the GPU and the CPU.


Computer specs.


Asus rampage IV extreme

EVGA GeForce GTX 690 Hydro Copper.
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    WC sticky has this info:

    Specifically, this part:

    In short, that's more than enough, but it really depends on your plan to overclock (or not) and any future loop plans.
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  3. Looks to be fine,

    Normally I reccomend 240 worth of rad for CPU and MOBO and a further 240 worth of RAD for a decent GPU.

    so with the single 480 you got it covered.
  4. I would do a 240 rad for the cpu and a 360 rad for everything else.
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