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I just purchased a 550 BE Scocket AM3. What is the best board out there that has the utility that works for unlocking cores? $80.00 is the most I have to spend on it.
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  1. A good 770 board from Gigabyte/ ASUS/ ASRock should do...but unlocking the cores are also dependent on the chip too as the locked cores in some chips are really dud...

    And this would give a more detailed info on the mobos and the method used...
  2. You need a board with ACC AND the correct micro code. Some manufacturers user newer microcode, provided by AMD, which does away with the ability to unlock more cores via ACC. Generally boards by ASUS, ASRock, and Gigabyte have the older micro code if they have ACC. Anyway, you should look at something like

    ASRock A785GMH
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