OC the more sensetive parts & software, many items.

Hello my frustrated friends ones more!

I feel sorry for you to patiencely need to read parts of my last thread again, I formulated it all wrong. The main thought of this thread is if I can OC the more sensetive hardware & software in a more soft-tune/fine-tune way. This is for example about playing with the RAMs latency & Volts, northbridge to not interfer with BCLK and overvolting the GPU. Have focus to the main questions and shortend the text even thus I use to write long threads to make you see and doubt if my resoning and thoughts are right or wrong. Have pasted exerpt of my old thread down under:

My rig:
ASUS Sabertooth X58 socket1366 (first generation)
Intel i7 960 3.20GHz
Corsair HX850W 80+ PSU
Corsair H60 watercooling
Corsair Vengeance 24GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM

Have OC the BIOS so far I can do.
What I want to do is playing VERY carefull with sensetive hardware thats in my rig.
My RAMs have the speed of 1600MHz, but MB downgrade bus speed to 1066MHz when using every slot (need those to run 3X3). Playing with he latence and Volt without frying it, get the orginal speed back and find some way to make northbridge not to interfer with BCLK, to separate BCLK and DRAM so I dont got absurd numbers to choose from (example say 1800 to 2600MHz without nothing else to choose from). Did OC RAM to 1453MHz but higher computer becomes unstable. Have OC CPU in BIOS from 3.20 to 3.63MHz playing with BCLK and DRAM. How to do this? Links, other threads, own experience? Think you experts dont need much more info to see the whole picture of my questions.

Memory multiplier: 10x
tCL: 9 (guess this is the main latency)?
tRCD: 9
tRP: 9
tRAS: 24
tRRD: 5
tWR: 10
tRPT: 7
Uncore multiplier: 20x
tFAW: 20
Memory sped: 1453MHz
Uncore speed: 2900MHz (why is this so extremly high next to memory speed,
the only thing I´ve experied is that its burning the northbridge)?

Memory voltage: 1.3800 V
Core voltage: 1.30000 V
Uncore voltage: 1.48125 V
ICH voltage: 1.10 V
IOH voltage: 1.10 v
Intel QuickPath interconnect multiplier & speed: 48x / 6.96 GT/s (what on earth is GT/s)?

Another question:
Use as above Coolermaster H60 watercooling for CPU. It keeps CPU temp to 77 degrees C in Intel Extreme Tuning Utillity stress test, just one dg C under 80 when its adjustible warning sounds. Can another fan on the inside of radiator (not the one that blows out) cool CPU better or just cool radiator more?

Where can I download a program that messure how many W my PC is consuming of the PSU? Corsair dont have one. Have already programs that messure heat of CPU, NB, CPU and usage of CPU and RAM. It can also messure 5, 7& 12V but have no use for that. Above this I use two fan controllers (4 fans each) that messure every singel component I can come upp with.

Hoping for good answers!
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    Put everything back to stock. Go read some overclocking tutorials so you have some sort of idea what you are doing.

    You can't monitor wattage with software, and if you are overclocking it doesn't matter anyway.
  2. Thanks for answering this thread, but I don´t understand why put everything back to stock? The only thing that will happen is that I have to do exactly the steps I did before to come back to the same problem I mention above. Good to know I cant monitor Watts! Any else that have thoughts and answers to parts of my questions?
  3. Have played with the RAMs but it became unstabil. Wish more had answered this thread but its OK for now. Perhaps better to not be greedy... Hope someone else can take my questions for a base "knowledge" to be inspired to write your own questions from? Would be happy if this thread is in some sort of use anyway for sombody else. Take care all of you!!!
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