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I am disappointed that EVGA MOBOs are missing a sub-category, and wanted to see how folks here feel about it being added in this forum.

Personally, I have noted all sorts of discussions about EVGA, but there's no "home" for all those great disussions to go.

Thanks for responding!

BTW - I love building EVGA rigs! :sol:

EVGA 4-WAY Classified MOBOs: {Left Classified SR-2 (Super Record 2) Dual CPU Xeon | Right X58 Classified 4-Way SLI
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  1. As a proud owner of an EVGA X58 motherboard, I'm agree with adding an EVGA sub-category. I would recommend contacting a Moderator or Joe (Community Manager) to move the process along. :)
  2. They deserve it as all the other manufacturers, who some are no longer in existence!
  3. Sure. Add the subgroup.
  4. I appreciate the responses so far, and I had sent a PM a few weeks ago, but no response yet. I also like many of the other MOBO Mfgs. @rolli59 - Funny but true!
  5. I voted yes, i mean why not. i wouldn't mind being able to look at possible issues with evega boards before deciding to buy one if i did go with them fo rmy next build
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