Confuse about cpu and core temperature

I built a system with dual xeon w5590 cpu and supermicro X8DAH motherboard, and I use noctua nh-u12p 1366 CPU cooling.

I notice my CPU temperatures at idle are CPU1 ~39 degree and CPU 2 40 degree. But core temperatures about 3-5 degree lower then CPU temperatures.

After about 30 minutes stress test, Here are the temperatures:
CPU1 68
CPU1/Cores 55-62

CPU2 76 degree
CPU2/Cores 55-63

You can see that CPU2 temperature is much high than core temperature, and Indeed supermicro Doctor software put CPU2 temperature as high (must use CPU2 temperature instead of Core temperature).

Are my cpu temperatures too high? Do I need to worry anything about CPU2 temperature? It seems to me that core temperature is ok, but surface temperature is pretty high. Is it in the normal range?

Which is more important, cpu temperature or core temperature?

Please help.
Thank you.
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    The CPU means the entire CPU itself, the packaging. The cores are the actual cores so it would go like this:

    CPU 1 Overall temp
    Core 0 temp
    Core 1 temp
    Core 2 temp
    Core 3 temp

    CPU 2 Overall temp
    Core 0 temp
    Core 1 temp
    Core 2 temp
    Core 3 temp

    As an example I have a Q6600 and in Core temp/SpeedFan it shows this:

    CPU Temp
    Core 0
    Core 1
    Core 2
    Core 3

    Your temps are fine. Having a dual CPU system would normally result in one of the CPUs running hotter since it wont get as much cool air and the other one.

    If you can though, check the second CPUs heatsink and make sure it is setting properly and doesn't have anything blocking air flow.

    Overall, I would say the core temp is more important since the cores have a certain limit. The CPU might include cache and such that can run hotter.
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