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just canceld my sound and grapics card order but i am sticking with radon 5970.waiting to hear from the forums or the pros.must have wicked sound as i am a music lover.i am building a new coumpter and having problem choosing a case.
between lian li tyr-x2000 and armosuit pc-p80 i all ready have an ultra 1600 watt power supply and a invoteck fan o matic pro and a lg blueray burner i also was wondering who makes the best radon 5970 graphics card? and also looking for a ultra high end sound card? not for recording though i am waiting for the core 6 before i buy a motherboard thank you in advance.sorry about the last post.
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    sorry about the last post.

    Glad to have you on board my friend. When you get a chance read thru the Terms of Use at the bottom of the page.

    Good luck to you on your new build.:)
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