What happens if you combine watercooling agents

I have Mayhems X1 UV green water cooling solution but i don't have enough due to a huge spill, my friend has a half empty Primochill PC Ice UV green which which he can give me.

What will happen if I combine the two?
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  1. Just use distilled water...why even bother?
  2. i used distilled water before and i ended up with grass in my system:)))
  3. Then you didn't use biocide or growth inhibitor, like is recommended.
  4. anyway i have this now, so can you combine them or not?
  5. You can, but I wouldn't use either...especially combined. You have no idea how the chemical makeup of one solution will interact or coagulate the contents of another.

    You seem set on doing it, regardless of any advice I've given, so you have my support since that's what you want. So go do it.

    Good luck.
  6. Actually I had enough of the mayhems to fill my cpu loop completely and I still have a little left for when the remaining air gets loose. But still thanks for the advice :D

    Check it out

  7. No worries- I would just be really concerned mixing any coolants of different brands/manufacturers, etc. You can't really be sure how the contents of those 2 bottles are going to play with one another or if they will react in any way. I'm not a fan of coolants, but they have a purpose for many people. Glad you got it figured out...good looking setup you have there...hope it works well for you.
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