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Can someone please suggest the best AM3/ Crossfire capable motherboard for the price. I would like to get it done for around $120 but I welcome all suggestions, Thanks.

I was gonna go for this one on newegg, any thoughts?
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  1. That's a good choice, another good option would be ASUS M4A89GTD PRO
  2. +1 to the M4AGTD Pro, I'm running one with dual 5750's and a Phenom II X4 955 with no complaints. It's great for overclocking too and can unlock X3's as long as the fourth core isn't actually defective.
  3. On the cheaper side, there are some very good 790X chipset AM3 boards still around.

    Like this ASUS M4A79XTD EVO for $114 ($94 w/ MiR). It may not have SATA and USB 3.0, but it's still a very capable board.

    There are also some 790X boards that have SATA and USB 3.0 support. But, their prices tend to be within $10 or so of 890GX boards. Here are two from Gigabyte:
    GA-890XA-UD3 for $120 ($105 w/ MiR)
    GA-MA790XTA-UD4 for $130 ($115 w/ MiR)
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