Upgrading Gaming PC's Graphics Card

The system's components:

Motherboard Asus P5QL-PRO
CPU Intel Core2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz
Memory Kit Kingston 4G DDR2 (2x2GB) 800MHz
Graphics Card Asus nVidia GeForce 9800GTX+
Case Thermaltake VC2000BNS MAMBO
PSU SURSA Thermaltake W0116RE 750W

I'm looking to upgrade to a HD 5850. Does anyone notice any incompatibilities, or does anyone have advice or suggestions regarding this choice?
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  1. Ignore the "SURSA" for the PSU, forgot to edit it out and for some reason I can't edit my own messages on these boards.
  2. No issues. You have a fast dual core CPU and a good enough PSU. I've had good experiences with ASUS products (in fact, I'm using their P55 mobo right now), so that's not a problem.

    I'd say go for it.
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