Can this motherboard be compatible with AMD Phenom 2?

First off, please excuse my ''nooby'' ness, im really bad at these things.

Alright so i have a Gateway GT5670, it comes with a motherbord with AMD phenom 8400 2.1ghz, what i want to upgrade to is the AMD phenom 2 555 2 cores 3.2ghz

will it be compatible?

here is my Motherboard:
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  1. Im pretty sure it will work, But it wont be running at its full potential, It will be running at AM2 speeds.

    After looking into it abit more, AM3 processors support DDR2 so it is backwards compatible. It will work.
  2. Quote:
    No it won't work. You need a AM2+ motherboard to use a AM3 cpu. Nor can you use a Phenom I quad core.

    Thanks for correcting me on that one, I would have felt horrible for giving him a wrong answer and possibly costing him more money.
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