My external hard drive is showing as Not initialized

My WD external hard drive is not recognized by my computer. It works on my laptop, but not the desktop. I reset all the USB ports, no luck there. In disk manager, it shows up as Unknown, and Not initialized. Don't want to lose data, so any ideas of how to get the computer to recognize it? Thanks.
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  1. did u try other usbs
  2. Yes, other USBs work in that slot, and the external hard drive works when I plug it into my notebook. I downloaded and installed the drivers from WD, but it hasn't helped. Seems as if the problem is with the desktop, not the external drive. The Drive works elsewhere, the USB slot works, but the compute won't recognize the external drive.
  3. Does it have a drive letter assigned in disk management? If so, is that letter the same as another device that you use?

    You either need to assign it a drive letter or change its drive letter to something that is not used by any other device by highlighting it in Disk Management, click Action file choice, All Tasks, Change drive letter.
  4. No, no dive letter assigned. Actually, I just solved the problem. When I went into Device Manager I saw that both DVD drives also could not function due to driver problems. I edited the registry re:Code 39, and then also went through a microsoft fixit routine and it seemed to solve the problem. Not exactly sure why, but happy to have it behind me. Thanks for your help.
  5. You Can Try this for help
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  6. Rsmith51 can you dictate how you did fix your HD? thanks
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