790gx Radeon HD 3300 question

Can this GPU run Mass Effect 2? The specs from Tomshardware said Radeon HD 3200 is below minimum requirement and the HD 3300 seems to be pushing it.. can someone shed light on this please? I'm planning to get an discrete GPU soon but yeah..
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  1. According to this:
    It says "ATI Radeon HD3200, and HD4350 are below minimum system requirements." and since HD 3300 is in the same range you may want to upgrade it order to play the game
  2. The 3300 is basically an onboard Radeon 3450. It's slightly faster than the 3200 on a 780G chipset simply because it has a higher clock speed. It's significantly slower than a 4350 though.

    If you want to play Mass Effect 2, upgrade.
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