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I recently got my Sapphire 7970 Vapor-x ghz edition and I must say I'm quite pleased with it's performance. I've been running it at 1175/1675 on stock voltage and I was wondering how far you guys have been able to push yours and any tips for getting it higher. I tried to get 1200/1700 on 10% voltage, but I believe it wasn't stable because of pushing the memory too far. I'm honestly pleased with my performance boost on my current OC, I just wanted to see what you guys were able to do with yours.
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  1. i have overclocked my 7970 to max values on msi afterburner for core and memory, left fan on stock and did a +3 core voltage offset for stability. the slider for core mhz goes to only 1200 and no more lol
  2. I've been running 1190/1675 now on stock, but that's about as high as I can go on stock voltage apparently xD
  3. I just got my in yesterday and push it to 1265 core. I could run my memories at 1669 but I had minimal artifacts during testing and so I rather scaled it down to 1595. I used 20% power and 1.275v in afterburner.
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