New to computer design-Hard Drive issues

I was having issues with my computer blue-screen crashing. Long story short, I ended up with a new V-Card and Hardrive.

Since I am uneducated in these matters I just got a new version of Windows 7 Ultimate. (Originally I just had Win 7)

Here is the issue I am having: I had a lot of files on my Slave Drive and while now my computer recognizes the drive itself and all of the space occupied on it, when I try to access the drive it tells me that the "Folder is empty."

I already tried reassigning a Drive Letter as I googled the problem and read that that might be the issue.

Any help here would be much appreciated.
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  1. Make sure the BIOS settings for the Slave drive is set to the same as it was when the drive was originally installed (IDE / AHCI / etc)
  2. I wast sure what the settings were when the drive was originally installed so I just switched them. Same results...I'm really lost here.
  3. are you sure you are CLEAN of any virus/malware? I have had these hide files on clients' pc's before. were all of your files in one folder? not sure where the "folder is empty" error came from :)
  4. I'm pretty sure I had some Malware on my last Master Drive. Thing is, right up until the Hard Drive failed(For physical reasons) I was able to open the files o the Slave Drive no problem. What I had on the drive were a lot of Movies(Many of them DvD/Bluray rips) and they were all in one folder yes.
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