Graphics card xfire switch from vista to 7 wont work

could someone please help. I have been running xfire for about 1 year and i built my own pc and bought the vista os with free upgrade to 7. Yet before that i was running windows 7 beta perfectly with xfire. So i came to the conclusion to run vista drivers on my new copy of windows but that didn't work even though that is how it worked in the past. So i then took out both graphics cards and tried them one at a time but only one gave me a display. Did i forget someone because there is no way i card could go from good to bad after an hour install. allso the card i am running are 4850's gpu'z detects 1 of them but stress tests work them equally on load. But main reason i want them working is because i run 4 moniters. Please instruct me on what i forgot
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  1. glick06 said:
    So i came to the conclusion to run vista drivers on my new copy of windows

    why are you running vista drivers on a win7 machine? download and install drivers for windows 7 please. Also, make sure you get teh correct version (32bit vs. 64bit)

    Go here for 10.1 Catalyst drivers
  2. oready ran the lastest drivers didnt work
  3. Did you disable crossfire for use with 4 monitors? You can check this in CCC (ATI Catalyst Control Center)

    Also, are you plugging in the additional pci-e 6pin power connectors for each card? Is your PSU strong enough to handle two 4850's? Make sure you spread the load across different rails if you're using a PSU with multiple 12v rails..
  4. ya its fooling me. single rail psu 60 amps connectors are in. Im gonna test voltage on both power conectors. think maybe its a bios issue and i have a pci slot disabled.
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