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I have a question relating to the size of the monitor I want to get. I can get an asus 21.5" monitor for $170, or a 23" monitor for $190 and they both run at the same resolution (1920 x 1080) so I think I want to get the 23" monitor, but I'm not sure if that will decrease FPS. I know the resolution is the same but will my video card (NVidia GTX 260) have to work harder to render on a higher physical area or will it do the same work? This is the only limiting factor between the two monitors because I want to get good framerates on games, so if the extra 1.5 in is going to cause a noticeable decrease in performance I'll go with the 21.5 instead of the 23.

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    The FPS would be exactly the same between the monitors. Resolution, not screen size, determines FPS. You would also get exactly the same FPS if you were gaming on a 72" 1080p TV. The only difference is that the individual pixels are larger.
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  3. Fantastic, thank you very much for the rapid response.
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