800Mhz or 1066Mhz?

Just been looking at this thread to see if it's worth upgrading my 800Mhz RAM to 1066Mhz:


I cant work out what they're talking about when they mention overclocking and 1:1 ratios etc?

I'm upgrading to 4Gb RAM anyway and thought it might be best to get the faster RAM (I currently have 2x1Gb 800Mhz), so for the way I overclock currently (800Mhz slowed down to 667Mhz - using the 'maxmemclock' setting to allow a decent cpu overclock) I'm thinking that I'll just buy the faster ram, then slow it down a step below (to 800Mhz), which will be faster….but is it worth it?

I dont know how to mess around with RAM timings so just use the 'maxmemoryclock' setting for now. I dont think i'll ever be able to work out the RAM timing stuff.

Either way I want more ram…currently have 2Gb, want to get 4Gb.

I use XP (3.5Gb 'ish' limit I know) but will move over to Windows 7 soon.
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  1. An 800MHz one is fine, especially coz its DDR2 (phasing out)!

    Don't spend extra on something which is not gonna last very long!!
  2. Yeah you have a good point.

    I'll see what the price difference is
  3. According to some Tom's test there is almost no difference between 1066 and 1333mhz DDR3 RAM. I would imagine the same is true for DDR2, but I can't be sure.
  4. Also, only AM2+/AM3 CPU's have a memory controller that can handle 1066 RAM. AM2 CPU's (like the 5000+ X2 in your sig) can't use 1066 anyway, though it can give you some extra overhead when overclocking.
  5. ah better update the sig - i'm on an X4 965 now!
  6. Which motherboard do you have?
  7. Hi.

    Don't waste ur money in a RAM that u won't see any performance increase. Get the 800MHz that is the best DDR2 price/performance and if u want OC it.
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