Searching for the right mainboard....

Hey guys ,

The bad news is that my first gen core i5 750 is now no more ..... :'(
I have got everything the gpu (GTX 670) , the hdd (Barracuda XT) , the memory ( Vengance 1866 Mhz )
I have bought a new processor, the core i7 3770k. There is Only one thing that is worrying me the motherboard
please suggest me out my range is sub 250 . I want suggestions on Gigabyte or MSI ( i only trust them )

I have some boards under consideration like

-Z77 GD65
- Z77 Mpower
-Z77X UD5h
i could make use with Asus too but these are hightly preferabble
Please suggest me a board with top of the line durability and good features.....
I may overclock my CPU as well ! probably upto 4.6 Ghz
I am using a H100 as a water cooler
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  1. UD5H can even handle liquid nitrogen, but the UD3H can clock higher still.
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