AMD FX-8120 build. Help with OC . . .

I am severely lost when it comes to OC'ing. I just got my build put fully together and I have a couple questions:

#1 I am on stock voltage and @ 4GHz idle temps are 18-25C and with a full load like 3DMark 11 I get up to 35C Max??? That can't be right . . .
#2 I have the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus with two fans, both are stock 120mm Cooler Master fans, one from the box, the other from the HAF 912. What should I step on my OC?

#3 Is it safe to run at 18-25C on this CPU even on idle? Cause I feel like both HWMonitor and Core Temp are wrong . . .

MoBo: MSi 990xa-gd55
Cpu: AMD FX-8120
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600 4GBx2 for 8GB
PSU: Antec 750W Green power
Optics: ASUS OEM crap crap crap
Graphics: ASUS Radeon HD 7850 2GB Model x2 in Crossfire
Fans: 6x120mm Enermax Blue Batwings and 4xGPU stock fans and 2xCPU stock Cooler Master fans.

Anything else I left out I will throw in, if you want Screens of my BIOS or my PC Desktop of any app I'll be glad to post.
Thank you for any help ahead of time. I spent like $1,176.23 on this (Round about . . . :P) and don't really feel like screwing it up.

Anyone that is wondering from the other day, yes, I did get rid of my 6670 because it sucked after I put my screen to the right res :<
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  1. You haven't increased the voltage so I wouldn't expect the temps to go up much at all.
  2. True, and thank you, but than how safe is 17C (The lowest I've seen it go now?) if even safe at all . . .
  3. Core temps are the most important. AMD core temps are good up until 60C. Those temps are about correct, my 8120 @ 4.4 GHZ and 1.36 Volts idles at around the same. Under full load in Prime95 my cores reach 47-50C, which is my comfortable point at full load.

    Your temps are fine and actually give you more room to OC.
  4. Yay! bumped it to 4.2GHz still @ stock volts . . . Which I guess stock volts is auto volts? Lol. Running at 19ish C now idle. Need to do some test though.
  5. @ 4.2GHz and auto volts I got the BSOD after trying to run Prime95 64bit . . .? Maybe I need to change the volts? I don't know. Anyone?
  6. yeah, at that point the voltage needs to go up, im running 4.2@stock volts, any more and i have to up my voltage...(intel =/= AMD) but they each have that point where the volts need to go up to handle the faster clock.
  7. Ohk, but what the heck does the auto volts setting do than :P And where should I go now?:I
  8. Someone posted 233 x 20 = 4.6+/- @ 1.46 +/- V . . . I don't think my volts go that high . . . I'd need to check . . .
  9. You're going to have to turn off auto voltage regulation. Disable power saving features such as Cool and Quiet. Turn of turbo boost. And manually set your Vcore voltage.

    My default voltage on my 8120 is 1.31. Give it a try at 1.36 or 1.4 run prime and other stability tests to see how it goes. If it passes, go ahead and drop the voltage down and test to see if a lower voltage works on your chip. 1.46 is quite high and it will be very hot were you to test that voltage. Like I said, keep your cores below 60C.
  10. Ohk, thanks bud :D
  11. Btw, what cooling system do you run? ohyouknow?
  12. My system rig is under my information tab. I have an EVGA Superclock CPU cooler. And no problem, we all start somewhere and I started on my overclocking adventures the same as you, on my 8120.
  13. And on a side note, if I run my fans (Enermax Blue LED Batwings) in a row like ">>>" using molex connectors, do you think there will be a power loss to each following fan like " Max=>Max-1=>Max-2=>" Or should they all get the same amount of power even if I run them inline like that? I wonder cause I didn't want to bother with hooking them up to their own individual molex connectors.
  14. the power for the fans will be fine, they don't draw enough to affect how they are hooked up.

    one thing to note when adjusting the voltages, after you remove the "auto" there are usually 2 modes, offset and manual.

    Offset mode will be designated as a + or - voltage. It adds or subtracts that much to the cpu default.

    obviously if you offset and try to change it to +1.46V ... thats adding 1.46v to the default of 1.36 wich would be 2+ Volts... Offset mode is fine, just make sure to only up slowly, +0.05v or less at a time.
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