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Hi all,

Basically, my PC requires a push-start [as in push-starting a car] before I can see anything on the monitor.

When the PC is 1st booted up, there's nothing on the display. I dont even get the 'no signal' message on the monitor. The PC boots up fine, judging by the XP welcome tone. Also, when I shut down via keyboard shortcuts, it shuts off [again judging by the XP shutdown tone]. I then have to switch off the mains, & re-try.

It's always worked on the 2nd boot up, i.e. both the display & PC function normally, until today where it took about 4 reboots!

Once the PC is up & running [with the display working OK as well], there is no problem for hours together. Until the next time that I try to boot up the PC after it's been idle for a while [for instance, the next morning]. An immediate reboot works fine.

My config = P4 3.06ghz w/ HT, 1+0.5gb RAM, Intel d102ggc2 Mobo, Generic Xtech 400w PSU, XP. It's a 3yr old machine.

I've tested both sticks of RAM individually, 2 passes each, with MemTest. No errors on either. So that rules out bad RAM?

What other tests can I run? The problem reminds me of cases where the car battery goes bad. Is the mobo battery at fault?

Please help! TIA.
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  1. The way I read your problem, you have a thermal defect with either your psu or your board. I would replace the psu. If that fixes it, fine, otherwise it's the board.
  2. I'd bet on the PSU as well. Never, never, never buy a generic PSU. Most likely, you're buying a brick that can turn your PC into a doorstop.
  3. Another test you can do is to purchase an inexpensive video card. If the card works, then you know that the integrated video has a solder joint going bad.
  4. I had a 8600gt lying about, which I tried out. The PC wouldn't even boot up with the card fitted. All I got was the CPU fan spinning & the DVD drive blinking for a short while. I removed the card & the PC booted up fine. [Though it again required a reboot for something to show up on the display].

    Guess I'll have to buy a new PSU & hope that's where the problem lies. Don't want to be spending too much atm. What is the minimum spec PSU you'd recommend for the config, keeping in mind the 8600gt.
  5. That answer can be accurately answered here,
  6. 400-450 would be fine. Make sure it's quality. Stick to Corsair, Antec Earthwatts, OCZ, SeaSonic, FSP or Silverstone to ensure quality.

    If you've got a friend with a desktop that they'll let you use for testing, you could isolate the problem easier. I can't say for sure that it's the PSU, but it's the most likely culprit.
  7. Alright. Thanks for the replies guys. Will keep you'll posted as & when developments occur.
  8. Well, while I've been trying to save up so I can buy a new PSU, there's another new problem.

    The text on the top half of the screen [the text on the toolbars] now flickers from time to time. Increasing the refresh rate helps a bit, though it does not eliminate the problem completely.

    I'm still using the old PSU & the on-board graphics. So do you'll still think the PSU is the most likely culprit? Thanks.
  9. Is there anybody you can borrow an lcd monitor from to test?
  10. vanekl said:
    Is there anybody you can borrow an lcd monitor from to test?

    I'll have to ask a friend. Will a CRT do?
  11. Yeah, a CRT will do. If the CRT works then you know it's not your computer, but the monitor.
  12. Alright then. Will try n check tomorrow. BTW there's no flickering at all ATM. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.
  13. Just make sure you test the CRT long enough to give a fair test. (As long as it took your lcd to act up.)
  14. So i connected my monitor to a friends pc and the same problem cropped up. I also connected my system to his monitor and there were no problems at all. So it is the lcd which is at fault. Now, is it possible to repair it or is replacement the only option. What could the problem be? Maybe the screens internal power supply? Thanks.
  15. I was told that there are only 3 parts to LCDs and that they are easy to fix. That's all I know about 'em. If the monitor cost you less than $150 I would buy a new one. Otherwise, get in touch with the manufacturer and see if they can help. :(
  16. Thanks for your help guys.

    The Viewsonic call center exec said that they don't have any info about the service center location, as their warranty service is on-site. I had no choice but to look for a local repair serviceman as the monitor's out of warranty.

    Anyway, the local repair guy says some 'card' is faulty. It's not available atm & hence I'm back to square one.

    I tried to figure out what 'card' he meant exactly but I guess even he doesn't really know cos he couldn't give me a proper explanation. All I could get out of him was that only a ViewSonic card will do, cos 'each Co. has it's own settings & hence another Co's. card being installed isn't advisable.'

    He's promised me that the VS 'card' will be available in around 10 days time. So in the meantime, I'm trying to get my hands on a VS service center address or no.

    Anyways, any idea what 'card' he's talking about? Thanks. Will keep you'll updated. Ciao!

    PS: I forgot to mention that I'm from India. A heads up, just so you'll don't bother trying to find a Viewsonic service center in ths US.
  17. If you pull the back off most LCD displays, you will find two cards inside: a PSU card and an LCD controller card.
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