Pls help with comp (overclock message) :S

I have a problem and a friend recommended me this website.

I recently started using my computer, which has not been used sinds 2010.
When i first booted up my comp, a message appeared in the bios: Previous session of overclocking has failed, default settings have been restored.
After that i set the bios to optimized default settings. when i clicked save, the system restarted and i was able to use my computer for the next 2-3 days.
On the fourth day, when i started up my comp, the same message appeared. I tried resetting the bios again, that had worked the last time, but like 30 sec after i logged in on Windows, the system started switching itself on and off rapidly with a 3-4 sec delay.

I have never tried anything to do with overclocking, so that message suprised me. My friend said it could be factory-overclocked.

Comp specs: Acer Aspire Predator Defender

This comp is not custom made

Windows Vista Ultimate/Home Premium
Intel Core2 Extreme
nVidia nForce 780i SLI
8GB DDR2 800/1066MHz SDRAM
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  1. Being that 'rusty', and probably a little dusty, I hope you opened it an gave it a good blowing out of dust. If not, I will recommend that. I might also suggest replacing the CMOS battery here. See if that gets you anywhere - it's a cheap (possible) fix if that's the issue.
  2. IMO I would remove the cmos battery and put my tounge on the cmos battery to see if it has juice. I have had a ton if similar motherboards and they tend to be junk sometimes... also might wanna reapply thermal compound to the CPU heatsink. Also try with one stick of ram as ram can cause these issues aswell.. you can pick up a cheap motherboard with an intel chipset used that would be much better than that board if the board turns out to be flaky.
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