Looking for best cooling suggestions for NZXT Gamma Classic

For those unfamiliar with the case. It has 2 fan options on top. One in back. Two in side and One on bottom.

One of the ones on the side is unusable because of the aftermarket CPU cooler.

Trying to come with the best air cooling design and what fans to use for it.

I do not care if its LED light fans or not. However, if it is LED lights they have to be blue.

I largely just want good flow, and as quiet as possible. I often use speakers instead of headphones and would prefer to not have the fans drown out the sound.
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  1. One great brand for fans is cougar. I use their fans in my case for the front intake and the exhaust as they have the highest RPM and move the most air while having the quietest level of sound. They are still audible, but what I found is that if you combine them with a fan controller and you limit them to a bit before max speed, they really quiet up. Take a look at their fans, I am using one of their Vortex series, but they have other fans as well. They make them in 120 and 140mm.
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