AMD phenom ii X4 840

So is it worth it to overclock??

I wanted to get a bit more performance out of my system and wanted to know if there was any steps i could use to help me overclock. I tried before but it always goes back to normal when i restart

Motherboard is a Biostar N68S3+
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  1. start with an aftermarket cooler, i have the hyper 212 evo, works well

    set the cpu multiplier to 16, set the FSB to 250, raise the VCore to 1.45ish(if you have LLC (load line calibration)

    try to get the hyper transport/ram/northbridge as close to stock as you can so they dont become a source of instability
  2. Yea im thinking I might just make a new computer when i get the money. This one is outdated but its not mine its just one i use.
  3. that series of processor weren't the best over clocker's, and when you do over clock them you put more stress on it than the benefit you will receive. next to nothing.
    if you insist on over clocking..... get the fastest memory your board can support, ( 2 sticks only ), lower the multiplier on the processor and work on getting the memory to run faster. again, gains will be minimal.
    and seeing how you don't have a second machine, or can build a new one right away, I would leave well enough alone before you end up with nothing.
    my machine is a decent overclocker (not the best PhII by any means though)

    the cpu is still very capable (especially for it's $80 price point)... what did you plan to use it for?
  5. Swifty, I have to agree with you. Id like to overclock but i dont want to be left with just a heap of parts.
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