Hd4870 vs hd5870

Hi, Is the 5870 a vast improvement over the 4870 card(which I am using), Trying to figure out if it is worth the 300£ ,I play games all the time,4870 has crashed on me a couple of times,Think i had it oc too much:)
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  1. Yes,
    5870 is worth upgrading from 4870
    It performs good upto 2500x1600
    It is an good choice for the price point

    You may wanna crossfire 2 5770 to get similar performance at a considerabley lower price point
    2 5770 HD costs $320-$330 USD,
    A 5870 costs $400
    But you still get an upperhand with 5870.

    GooD LucK
  2. Depending on the resolution the 5870 is 70 to 100% faster than the 4870:

  3. If your resolution is over 1680x1050 it's worth it. Otherwise it wont make much of a difference.
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