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GTX 260 Fan Control

I noticed the other day that my PNY GTX 260 fan speed never moves past 40%, whether or not the gpu was at idle or full load. The gpu reached 75°C while playing a game but still the fan speed was at 40% duty cycle.

I check the nvidia control panel to make sure the fan control was set to automatic, not manual. It was set to Automatic. I started looking around in the control panel and I saw that I could make my own fan speed control Profile. So I made a profile called GPU Fan and modified the fan speed table so at 40°C (idle) the fan speed would be at 40% duty and at 75°C, the fan speed would be 100%. I made the table linear so fan speed would steadily increase between 40­°C and 70°C.

This is all great in theory however, the profile GPU fan that I made does NOT load when windows starts even though I set the profile to run 'when systems starts'. The only way I get the profile to load is when I set the profile to start when a specific program (e.g. Crysis) starts. This is really not acceptable since I do not want to set the profile to start for every single application.

Is there a workaround for this? Is there better software to use for GPU fan control? Is the gpu fan only supposed to run at a single speed as a default from the factory??
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    Try msi afterburner. you can plot your fan speed too base upon the gpu temp.
  2. 75C during gaming is well withing any reasonable temp range. Why are you concerned? If it approaches 90C I would start looking to modify the fan duty cycle. I would leave it on auto and not worry about it.
  3. When it's set to auto without any user profiles, what does the GPU use to base its fan speed (CPU temp, GPU temp, Case ambient, etc)??? I would assume GPU temp however when I set a manual user profile, the profile menu starts you off with a GPU fan speed vs. CPU temp chart.... not a GPU fan speed vs GPU temp chart.

    So I’m wondering if GPU fan speed will only increase if CPU temps increase when no user profiles are created. If this is happening then this can be disastrous to my GPUs since my CPU is cooled by a Prolimatech Megelems cooler with 2x 120mm fans so it will probably never see +50°C during a game.

    I like MSI afterburner a lot. I am exploring MSI as well as RivaTuner and GPU-Z.
  4. Temp is always based off of GPU temp, It would have no way to validate the CPU temps on the local hardware.

    The stock temp profiles of a card are usually not that aggressive. For example my 5870 never goes over 22% duty cycle and has reached 80+C already. It is well within the temp range of the card, it just keeps the noise down.

    I use MSI Afterburner as well and its a GREAT tool. Probably the best I've used.
  5. Grab RivaTuner at Fantastic piece of tuning software for GPU's.
    As for the CPU, your system should do that by itself.

    you can also use nvidia nTune!
  6. I tried all the programs listed above. I was previously using nTune however it would not work as intended. If I set the gpu fan profile to run when window's starts up, it would never do it.

    MSI Afterburner is the best, in my opinion anyways. It's easy to use and will run in the background unnoticed.
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  8. What about rivatuner??
    It is also better & got goo support!
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