Water cooling for the very first time need advice

I have my new phatom 820 case showing up tomorrow and looking to finally plunge into getting everything watercooled, cpu and gpu for time being (dont think i need the RAM to be WC). Like I said case is phatom 820.
Processor: i7-2600k
GPU: Asus Matrix 7970 Platinum

I currently have an h60 that I'm looking to upgrade, I do overclock the CPU currently sitting at a4.6 (not sure of temps currently), but would like to push it as much as possible. I also like the appearance of the watercooled systems. So any help regarding watercooled system would be great. Like I said this would be the very first time doing something like this, so getting a easy to build kit would be ideal I guess and then over time work on upgrading it to something better.

Budget wise, I was looking at around $200 (however, I can go higher/lower as needed) I would not go above $400.
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