8800GT to HD 5850?

So i'm about to buy a new GPU for when Bad Company 2 comes out. I'd prefer to be able to run everything on max at 1680x1050 since my monitor don't support any higher

My current system is as follows:

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H
8800GT 512mb
AMD X2 5600+ 2.81GHz (Upgrading to a Phenom II X4 955 after sometime after i've bought the GPU)
4gb 800mhz RAM
Corsair 520w PSU

So my qustion is, will the 5850 be a big upgrade compared to the 8800GT, will i be able to run new games maxed out and are there any compatible issues?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Offcourse, It'll be.
    5850 is an overkill for that resolution.
    If you have the budget.
    Get two 5770 in CrossFire
    Only One 5770 will do absolutly fine at 1680x1050 (except for CRYSIS)

    But, you may have bottleneck with that old CPU.
    with New one, you'll probably be safe.

    What do you think?
    Saving money and going for 1 5770 for 1680x1050 or going for 2 in CrossFire if you wanna game at 1920x1200

    5770 CrossFire will outperform one 5850for the same price that is $320 and give you performance close to or on-par with $400 5870
  2. My motherboard don't support Xfire, and i'd probably need a new PSU then, which i'm not intersted in since i got the PSU a few months ago

    But would a 5770 and a 5850 perform exactly the same on that resolution?
  3. All the problem is that your motherboard dont support CrossFire.
    You wont need a new PSU.

    ''But would a 5770 and a 5850 perform exactly the same on that resolution?''

    Not really,
    But who cares when you are playing games smoothly enough that you don't notice any kinds of lags.

    You'll probably feel that you need to lower settings in CRYSIS and DiRT 2 when playing in DirectX11 mode
  4. For now 5850 would be overkill for your AMD X2 5600+, but if u upgrade your cpu with Phenom II X4 955 later then your system will be great... :)
    I would prefer a single powerful card, it's more efficient than CF 2 cards, less heat, less power consumption and less trouble for sure...
    last thing: no need to upgrade your PSU, it will be enough... :)
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