Will 8 yr old Intel mobo support a new sata hard drive

My 160GB hard drive went kaput. Will the Intel mobo support a new 500GB SATA hard drive?
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  1. You are not giving any MB info but if it has a SATA port and you used it then yes. However the new HD will step down to the speed that the MB can support.
  2. macb4u said:
    My 160GB hard drive went kaput. Will the Intel mobo support a new 500GB SATA hard drive?

    Since you give us no clue what so ever what the motherboard is exactly, how are we supposed to give you an accurate answer? But, if you just simply look at it, does the board have SATA ports on it?
  3. I used SATA drives with my old Intel P4 motherboard. It didn't have SATA ports on the motherboard, so I added a $20 SATA to PCI adapter to plug them into. They worked fine, although I wasn't using them as boot drives.
  4. Thanks for responses. I have an Intel Desktop Board D845GEBV2, 2004 vintage. No SATA ports to my knowledge. WinXP OS. My knowledge base includes nothing for SATA hdd's. I'm trying to learn more online. Rather than looking at near top of line hdd's maybe I should go for something less that will work ok with my old system...?
  5. ...like an IDE hdd if they are still available. I spec'd all parts and assembled my 2004-vintage tower machine. It has sentimental value but I haven't kept up with tech. advances since then. We also have a 3-yr old HP desktop and a couple of notebooks so the 2004 model can be relegated to general purpose. A Verizon 5-spot allows reasonably fast 3G internet in our rural area although 4G is supposed to 'soon?' be available -- probably a year away.
  6. Go ahead and snag a deal on an IDE drive. If the PC is only for surfing thats all you need. Keep in mind that WinXP is not so hot security wise on the big W (a la It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World's W). I suggest just keeping the PC for older games that will choke in Win7
  7. Well, I know without question that I can win the race to the big W, and likewise have perfectly up to date never-fail AV (hey, to any hackers reading, my words are simply joking) -- so Traildriver your suggestion seems right on. As I recall, my WinXP with SP-2 and m/b will allow a 500-750GB IDE hdd. I'm into more than just surf'n so the extra storage will be handy.

    Thanks to all for help. And sminlal I now see how your SATA/PCI adapter installs and works with your drive. I'm just concerned the new SATA drive might not be recognized or another problem encountered. At my age I'm not looking for a challenge or a $ sinkhole.

    Thanks again to all.
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