Need a home print server

Currently I have 3 PCs (2 wired, 1 wireless (a PS3)) hooked into my Netgear router for internet. 1 PC is hooked into my Canon Mp530 directly with USB.

I would like to have every PC hooked up to my printer.

If I got this how would it work? Do I just plug its Ethernet into a 3rd port on my Netgear router and then every PC would have the printer on it? (Assuming of course that I switched my PS3 to a wired connection)

And then would it work with the PS3?
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  1. You would setup the printer on the computers by the ip address of the print server which would plug into a port on your router. You will need to hard set or reserve an ip for the print server as you don't want it changing.
    there should be directions with the print server on how to do it.
  2. Would it work with my PS3?
  3. raybob95 said:
    Would it work with my PS3?

    the printer? Not sure. I have never setup a PS3 to print. If there is a place in the PS3 to setup a printer, than yes you should be able to.
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