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This is probably a stupid question but i dont know the answer and i thought i did. I thought to run 6 gigs of ram (3x2 setup) it had to b e a triple channel motherboard. I thought this was the case before my friend bought a box buy and he has a an amd board and they are all dual channel and he runs six gigs of ram. so can you run a 3x2 setup on a dual channel motherboard? thanks guys
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    you can run 3x2GB in a dual channel board but will only get single channel mode of operation, however you would run 2x2GB+2x1GB for 6GB, but i wouldn't recommend it as it leaves no slots open for more ram if you need it

    IMO 4GB is probably plenty, but if you need more i would go for an 8GB (2x4GB) set that leaves room for expansion
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