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I use ASUS P7P55D-E Socket1156 DDR3 motherboard and PATRIOT RAM 2x2GB Kit DDR3 1333MHz. Aparently this one:

My system is windows 7, 64 bit and until here everything OK. I know, taht RAM's are not best suitable, but system works.

Now, let's go to the problem.

I tryed to upgrade RAM to have 8GB of RAM which system at first recognised normally but after time (minutes, hours...) system started to crash. BSOD avery now and then. So, with 4GB ram system works normally without BSOD, with 8 GB crashes constantly. :??:

Than, I thought it was RAM problem, since Patriot ram isn't on the list of compatibility for this motherboard (which does not mean that it won't work, i guess) so I rented RAM that is best for my Asus motherboard according to their site. So I got
RAM Crucial DDR3 4GB PC3-10600 1333Mhz CL9 to test system. And again, I got all the crashes (BSOD) So I figured out it isn't problem with Patriot rams since even Crucial RAM isn't working. So I returned Crucial RAM and kept Patriot. Now I must figure out, where is the problem.
I updated bios to latest version, but no change. The only thing I did not try is changing settings of RAM in BIOS since I don't know how and where. (I am not such an expert)
So I ask you people here, who know stuff, if you can help me. I need someone to assist me with screenshots of bios, so I can see where to put which numbers. I don't know bios that much to go by myself and try it.

So please, anyone.... I'd really be glad if yomeone can make couple of screenshots of bios and pointed me in right direction.

And to add, I don't want to overpower computer or something, just normal settings that will work.

And inof about memtest: when I run 2 sticks of ram, memtest was fine, with four sticks, memtest failed. Even if I changed positions, memtest went through only when there were only 2 sticks inside.

Thanks a lot.
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