I7 980X cooling

How much will it really matter if I upgrade to liquid cooling for my 980X extreme processor?
can anyone suggest a high end liquid cooling kit?
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  1. It depends what you are planning to do- are you going to heavily overclock the chip? What cooling solution is currently in-use? What is your cooling budget?

    There are also those would would suggest a hardware upgrade to newer processor than spending money on a cooling solution for your current chip, but that's a decision only you can make.
  2. Why would anyone need to upgrade a 980X processor the 3930k just edges it in most reviews I have read.

    I will be intrested to follow this thread.
  3. Why do i need to upgrade my 980x..then lets compare the 980x vs sandy-bridge vs the ivy-bridge processors...
  4. I currently have a coolermaster v8..and its speed control doesnt work..it runs at a fixed 700 rpm..thats why the question of upgrade..and yes i would be overclocking the chip moderately..ad budget no bar...now any suggestions...
  5. It all depends on budget. Check Rubix's guide he is the best there is. I had to do a toms hardware acc to contact him. EK /xspc are pretty nice if you I think want to do a custom water cooling system but it is mainly as a hobby as there is no such necessity for water cooling .It requires a lot of maintenance. In that case go for the corsair h100i still good lets see what corsair did this time :P

    A high end w/c kit depends on what you need dependent on your loop whether you will be cooling additional components as you gave us raw info.
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