GA-P55A-UD6 memory problems (calling bilbat)

I assembled a new PC a while back and couldn't get the memory to work properly with 8GB of supported memory installed. It worked fine with 4GB. A very helpful fellow on this forum (bilbat) gave me some BIOS settings which appeared to work, and my PC passed a long memtest86 test.

As time wore on, though, the system freezes returned; at first sporadically, then more and more until the system was unusable. I removed 4GB and the system is stable again.

My theory is that the system was still on the edge after the BIOS settings, and something in the OS changed (??) which pushed it over the edge.

All of the information for the problem is given here:

The memory time is 9-9-9-24.

The only thing new is that I've updated the BIOS to the newest level (F11) - no help.

Here are a few specific BIOS settings:

Advanced Frequency Settings
- CPU Clock Ratio 21X
- QPI Link Speed 4.8GHz
- Uncore Clock Ratio 18x <-- per bilbat this is supposed to be 21x. How do I change it?
- Memory Frequency (MHz) 1333

Advanced Memory Settings
- Performance Enhance Standard
- DRAM Timing Selectable Expert
- Channel Interleaving 6 [Auto]
- Rank Interleaving 4 [Auto]

Channel A/B Timing Settings
- CAS Latency Time 9 [Auto]
- tRCD 9 [Auto]
- tRP 9 [Auto]
- tRAS 9 [Auto]
- tRC 33 [Auto]
- tRRD 4 [Auto]
- tWTR 5 [Auto]
- tWR 10 [Auto]
- tWTP 21 [Auto]
- tWL 7 [Auto]
- tRFC 74 [86] <-- increased by 15% per bilbat
- tRTP 5 [Auto]
- tFAW 20 [Auto]
- Command Rate 2 <-- per bilbat

Advanced Voltage Settings
- CPU Vcore 1.24375
- QPI/Vtt Voltage 1.200V <-- increased from 1.1 per bilbat
- PCH Core 1.050V
- CPU PLL 1.800V
- DRAM Voltage 1.540V <-- increased from 1.5 per bilbat
- DRAM Termination 0.750V

Can any memory expert give me a hand here?
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  1. Hi there,

    Haven't seen Bilbat comment for a couple weeks, probably on vacation.
    You can send him an email by checking the email on one of his previous posts.

    He is a great resource for this kind of question
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