IEEE 1394 cable from Cooler Master HAF 922

I have a cooler master haf 922 case. My mobo is a GA P55A UD3. I noticed that there is no connection for the IEEE 1394 cable (red cable) that comes from my case. I have a couple of questions about this one.

1. How do I resolve this problem? Do I need to buy something so that I would be able to make use of the e-sata port located in front of the case?

2. Do I plug the front usb cables on the port that says usb_1 and usb_2?

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  1. 1. Well, I don't know about e-SATA but, I know you can get a PCI-e card for FireWire.

    2. Yes, you should plug in the front USB cables from the case into the USB headers labelled USB_1/USB_2.
  2. I already have a pci-e card for firewire. I'll just install it on my pci slot.
  3. I did some researching. It seems that there's no connection for an esata on my mobo. By the way, what can you plug in on an e-sata port? I only plug the following on my computer.

    1. Digicam
    2. External Hard Drive
    3. my phone
    4. my ipod
  4. I solved the problem for this connection.
  5. 1. Firewire is pretty much obsolete and will be fading away just like floppy disk connectors, power reset switches, and internal speakers on motherboards. In addition VGA and DVI ports will eventually disappear. The new displayport standard has been adopted for video cards.

    2. Front panel USB cables are plugged into the USB ports on the motherboard. The USB ports are usually, but not always, located at the bottom front of the motherboard.

    3. Check your motherboard manual for the location of any external SATA connectors. Manufacturers don't always put them in the same location.
  6. that's weird, my 932 had just a red sata cable that i plug into any port that can handle the new AHCI setting (and not IDE/legacy) and it works.
  7. theholylancer - Weird is right. Not all motherboards handle it the same way. My own motherboard has two SATA ports dedicated to external SATA drives only.
  8. really? what does eSATA needs that SATA cannot provide? unlike USB power is not in eSATA, and all it needs is hot plug and what nots, which is why it needs to be in AHCI mode.
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