Help needed please

i am currently upgrading my dell gx745 sff pc (which is a total pain, but ive started now so...)

currently im running a 275W psu, a pentium 4 3.2Ghz cpu, 5Gb ram(only 3 utilised(32bit xp)), and a 1TB western digital caviar green HDD.

i have ordered an E6600 core2 duo 2.4 cpu, and a gt220 ddr3 1Gb(low profile) graphics card.

im really just wondering 2 things.

1. will the gt220 work with the 275W psu (ive looked at a few power consumption tests and at max it was 245W even though minimum stated is a 300W psu)
2. could someone help me find a new power supply for my pc. ive looked and looked but the max Wattage ive seen is 275 for my pc model. new card and cpu should arrive tomorrow morning. after i install ill write back with the 1st questions answer, but i would still like an input as to wether it will be ok in the long run(if it works) if i cant find a larger psu. xD
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  1. The best answer is: Send all that stuff back and don't bother spending any money on that machine. Even in the best case, you'll be two full CPU generations behind current, with a video card that's considered bargain-basement by modern standards, and no capacity to upgrade further. There is no "long run" for this machine.

    For how much it costs and how much of a pain in the ass it is, you might as well just build a new system and get about 5X the performance. You can put together a decent AMD triple-core machine for like ... $400, and it'll be modern enough to be upgradeable in the future, too.
  2. Your 275W psu is fine as long as you replace the cpu with the more energy efficient E6600 first. The GT 220 is a very energy efficient video card. There is a minor problem, however. Since this is such an old computer, the graphics will be running half as fast as they could be. Not a big deal unless you were planning on gaming.

    The power supply is not standard which is why you had such a hard time finding a replacement. Luckily, you don't need a replacement.
  3. +1 Taco. Although I definitely see your point of view, it just doesnt make any sense to go out and buy an E6600. I have one, I'm on it right now. It's competent, but it's old. In a year or less, the old girl is going to have to go. You're going to be coming incredibly close with that PSU, and I take it it's a Dell? I'd bet it's not going to work. Those Dell PSU's are designed to run a factory machine, meaning a board, CPU, RAM, and opticals. That's it. They usually just don't have the amperage you'll need to make anything happen.
  4. To be fair, the GT 220 is probably one of the few cards that PSU could possibly run, because I think it draws all its power directly from the motherboard. There's not a lot of breathing room in any case, though.

    Still, this is spending $150 to get to a below-average CPU and the equivalent of an HD 3000 series video card, which is not good return on investment.
  5. thanks for all the input.

    i recieved my card today but cpuy is coming tomorry.

    the card runs fine on my pc with smoothish gameplay on the new avp at 1920 x 1080 rez on low detail

    i already have the machine taco im just upgrading so i can play avp compitently for now.

    ive got my eyes on an intel core 2 quad Q8300, 4Gb ddr2 ram, with a gtx260

    which i can get for 500GBP

    but im not bothered about getting a new system untill next year. but i think id go for something along those lines
  6. I would make sure my fire insurance was paid up before switching to high-detail and going on an all-night gaming bender.
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