4770 crossfire - any better performer/price ratio?

hi, i wanna buy a 4770 card. then maybe a year later (used or old stock), buy another one for crossfire, to hopefully make my pc last for 2 or 3 years. trying to stick to budget for initial purchase

at $105 per piece, is there a better card than 4770 for crossfire/sli ?
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  1. thanks i've read it, sounds good. but are there better crossfire/sli for the same price?
  2. Possibly, yes
    Requiring $20-$40 more.
    New Radeon 5750 is an excellent choice for $120
  3. CD5750 might be right in the same league, if not a little better bang for the buck, although with higher entry cost. Crossfire 4850s will outperform 4770s, but the availabilty of the 55nm 4850s would, I imagine, drop off a lot faster than the 40nm 4770s. I haven't looked myself, but there has been some chatter about $99 4850s in recent posts.
  4. Honestly I would not buy into the 4770 with the thought of upgrading later by adding a 2nd card. They will be gone or a new single card would completely outperform 2 of them. (oh wait that already happened)

    My suggestion would be to shoot for a 5750, it's only $130 and by far a better choice.
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