Chrome doesnt work on my system

chrome doesnt work on my system.
i hav tried uninstalling and reinstalling again and again..
even used ccleaner for cleaning registry..
even aftr all this the problem is still unsolved.
im using windows xp sp3
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  1. "Doesn't work" is not a very good problem explanation.
    What exactly happens? Do you get some error message or something?
  2. Probably the same problem I'm having on a customer's XP Home SP3 machine. It worked prior to SP3, but when starting chrome now, it just sits at an open chrome window - nothing typed in will open, nor will anything chosen from the tools menu (settings/extensions/etc). I've got a feeling the most recent update is screwing with SP3 somehow. But, I really don't have time to debug crap anymore...
  3. i mean when i open doesnt get open or not even show any kind of error msg.

    and when i check task manager there i find a process chrome.exe running..

    what is the problem im not getting it..
  4. You could try an older version but it's probably not recommended since the latest versions has the latest security updates on them:

    Your best option is to contact Google and let them know your issue, they would most likely roll out a patch that fixes the issue or it could be a simple fix.
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