C2T Cable and some troubles with RAGE XL onboard

Hello everybody,
I have bought IBM x335 type 8676 eServer a few months ago.It has a Matrox D450 video on PCI-X and ati Rage XL onboard graphics controllers.Because of need to use one of the PCI-X slot with RocketRaid 1640 for SATA drives, and the other one for videocapture JMK SK200FB, i pulled out the Matrox video.I have some troubles with videocapture plate, it has no picture in online mode, neither using Remote Desktop Connection of Server 2003 R2 SP2, nor using originally Microsoft drivers with Matrox(when replace raid with the last).I suppose that I need to buy or to build C2T cable, wich originally can complete the server as it has to be.But I have no idea where to find explanation ot "out" port on the back of server.It just seems as DVI , but has more pins in 3 lines - not 8 as DVI , but 10 pins per line. This port is used as PS/2 for keyboard and for mouse as well.
For trouble about video capture I suppose but I am not sure, that problem is with direct X compability of onboard video controller , but I cannot check it correctly, cause I don't have the original cable for output to monitor.When using remote desktop connection of Windows server 2003 R2 I can not get full test of Direct X , only DirectDraw.
I don't have more ideas where to find explanation of C2T cable of IBM, and how to fix problem with videocapture JMK.
I really appreciate any help I may ask you for .
Thanks in advance...
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  1. Problem has been solved.I made the above C2T breakout Cable and found the original Ati Rage XL driver (may be 8-9 years old driver) and all works already fine.Probably I need only to solve the trouble with starting the application of video capture device when server starts and the last is opening ports for looking video online remotly via integrated client program...
    Thanks everybody who read my post and probably thought about it... I really appreciate the help in some other forums how to build the breakout cable and some people who gave me the original driver from ATI....
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