Two 650 GTX in SLI, or One 660 TI?

Hey guys,

I currently have a 560 TI 448 in my rig, and I'm looking to upgrade. I was wondering if 2 650 GTX cards in SLI would be better or worse than 1 660 TI GTX. Cards are on sale and I can get the two 650's for less than the one 660 TI.

Also, I would be looking to WC these blocks, so if anyone has any experience with these cards it would be helpful to know how hot/loud they get without waterblocks on them, because buying 2 FC blocks would ruin savings I get.

Please feel free to share recommendations!

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  1. If you can get 100% scaling for the game(s) you want to play, and avoid microstutter, you might break even performance-wise.

    I would go with the single 660ti myself.
  2. Pretty sure 650 dont sli. gotta be 660ti or above to do so.
  3. Apparently 550ti does but 650ti doesn't.
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    You could try to get another 560ti, as the 650 apparently can't be set up in SLI. Or go with a single gtx660ti, that way you avoid potential problems such as microstutter, driver issues, or scaling issues that can be present in certain games when running in a multiple GPU setup. Also I doubt that they make waterblocks for the 650, and for the price of the waterblocks themselves I would simply get a better, non reference card (custom cooler).
    The gtx660ti does perform close to twice as well in certain games than a stock 560ti, so depending on how well a second gtx560ti would scale, it would be a good choice to go with the gtx660ti.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks guys, for letting me know the 650 won't run in SLI, it made the choice easier. Probably going with the 660ti then. Thanks!
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