5770 high def audi via hdmi

I have xp and a 5770 latest drivers
insight would be great
gigabyte ep45-ud3r
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  1. Are you having an issue with it? The video card installed another audio device. You need to make sure it is enabled and selected for it to work. I have a 5870 and when I plug in an HDMI cable to it it automatically sets it to the default. However, this could be a Vista function as well.
  2. Go into audio devices, turn on HDMI sound (will have been installed with full CCC suite) and plug in an HDMI cable to the card (or DVI>HDMI converter lacking a native HDMI comverter). Voila. Unless something was installed wrong or there are hardware issues, your HDMI sound should be working.
  3. yeah its enabled im not getting any sound
    as I am unsure of how to configure this should I be attaching anything else to my graphics card ? other than the 6 pin ?
  4. No best answer toms go ahead and close it, I simply installed the HDMI audio driver seperately
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