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My computer studies teacher told me today that too much ram was actually a bad thing. He told me that when you add too much it actually makes your computer slower. Is this true? and if so why is that. Its just something thats been bugging me and searching on google only nets me articles from 2005.

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  1. No its not true.
    Sometime adding more RAM may not give you a noticeable boost,but it won't make your performance worse.
    For example,going from 4GB to 8GB RAM won't give you much of a difference in games but it doesn't make them run slower either.
  2. That was true in some cases 5 - 10 years ago but not true now. Technology has superseded your teacher's knowledge in this case.
  3. I see thanks for the responses guys, that answers my question.
  4. So I can load my RAM slots.. going to steal this thread real quick.

    I have been debating on going 12gb with 6x2 or 3x4. Yeah yeah I know I don't need 12gb. So you are saying filling the 6 slots won't hinder me at all? even in overclocking? I want to run an i7 950 to 3.5-3.8 no more than that on a msi big bang xpower. I also want g.skill 1600 ripjaws. I have been debating getting this 12gb(3x4) set or 2 of this 3x2 set. The 3x2 set would match my MB better than red and would save me $65.
    So, are you saying that filling the RAM slots will not effect my overclocking either?
  5. ^The only (2) times where it is true: 1. 32-bit OS > 4GB, and 2. Channel Configurations: Hexa-Channel vs Tr-Channel - Tri FASTER = {3 X 4GB} then hexa {6 X 2GB} and similar with Dual-Channel - FASTER {2 X 4GB} vs {4 X 2GB}.

    So your Teacher is right in some regards, and it depends upon his/her context of the statement.
  6. One more question, if I were to run 3 sets of this 2x2gb cl7 ram, is there a possibility that they will not run at the stock 7-7-7 settings? there is also this set for $20 cheaper at 7-8-7.
  7. ^ In general lower CAS per same speed is faster.
    7-8-7-24-2N is slower than 7-7-7-24, but most important question is it compatible?

    However, most people make a critical error of either not choosing Certified {per MOBO spec'd} or Tested {per RAM Mfg} DDR. Therefore, you'd need to specify your exact MOBO before anyone could answer any question of DDR3 RAM and in particular if it will work.
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