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Can I install XP ON a USB flash drive?

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if I can install XP on a flash drive.
I DON'T mean installing XP from a flash drive to the HDD.
I mean unplug the HDD from the system,
insert the XP install CD,
plug in my flash drive,
Boot up from the XP CD
and install XP on the flash drive, so that when I boot up from the flash drive, i get into the windows desktop :)
Is this possible? if yes, then how?
I tried this, but the flash drive doesn't show up as a target drive on the list of logical drives.
Thanks :-)
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    Technically it is possible, but there are several significant technical issues you would need to overcome, as well as the fact that it would be in violation of the Windows EULA making any such install technically pirated.

    So for those two reasons I will decline to offer any specifics.
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  3. ok, i'll ask somewhere else then. thanks anyway ;)
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